La Sevilla de Bécquer

LD offers you the opportunity to experience first hand something unique. One of the most important Sevillian poets of our literature will open you the doors to an unknown and misterious Seville that was considered an inspiration for its literary creations. This is a very complete experience since you will be able to travel back in time in order to learn about the Seville that surrounded this poet. Besides you will have the opportunity to participate actively by means of practicing and learning Spanish during this experience.

There are a lot of Sevilles, as many as Sevillian people. Therefore there is a Bécquer’s Seville where he lived, studied, enjoyed of it, as well as getting inspired and falling in love… There is a Becquerian’s Seville that belongs to the cultural and intimist side of the city, which at the same time tries to keep his memory alive.

In this way we will start a cultural and didactical journey where we you will be able to see when the Becquerian’s Seville begins, from his ancestors buried in the Cathedral, until beyond his journey to Madrid in search of a future as a literary artist. That is one of the nicest characteristics of our Spanish Postromanticism’s poet, the fact that although he decided to abandon his city, h never stopped missing it, something that is reflected in his works.

Ultimately, this experience will transport you back in time trying to offer you the opportunity to plunge into the Seville of the 19th century, as well as to practice and learn Spanish with the help of our invited poet.