Spanish extensive course

If you are going to stay in Seville for several months or longer, whether for work or for studying, this course is perfect for practicing and improving your needed Spanish for your daily life. In small groups and with students sharing the same Spanish level, we will help you to know how is Seville in a linguistic and cultural sense, with the aim of feeling one more one more in Seville.

Number of students: 8 maximum

Prices 2018: 

Extensive Course

2 classes 1,5 hours/week - 3 hours/week

1 month

90 Eur

2 months

150 Eur

3 months

245 Eur

> 3 months

80 Eur/month

The course includes:

- Course material.

- 1 hour of cultural activities per week. 

- Registration costs included.