Learn Spanish in Seville

Learn Spanish language and culture in a wonderful place in the centre of Seville. Find out more about our Spanish courses and experiences with ICT tools. We work to make you live a linguistic and cultural real immersion in a charming place, a place that will invite you to imagine, create, dream and be part of this city.

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Spanish courses in Seville and online lessons

Would you like to learn Spanish in a magical place in the centre of Seville? With our courses you will not only  improve your Spanish level due to the practice of new Spanish learning and teaching strategies, but also you will discover some particular aspects of that local culture that seems to be hidden, but that it really exists.

Spanish Extensive Course

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Spanish Intensive course

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One-to-one Spanish classes

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Spanish online lessons

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DELE exam course

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Amelia Castillo

Born in a Sevillian village, she studied English Philology at the University of Seville without getting to know that her true passion will be discovered some years later while she had lived in The Netherlands, teaching Spanish in a Language School in the centre of Rotterdam. She went back to Seville with the clear intention of growing personally and professionally working in what she likes the most: to transmit the Spanish language and culture, that is way she got the FELE degree and a Master Degree at the University of Barcelona.

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